Since our last update on the DVD good friend of the site Director Scott Phillips (Stink of Flesh) has found a home for Gimme Skelter (my review). But its not what you think. He is still trying to do it as independent as possible so he and actor Kurly Tlapoyawa's Burning Paradise Entertainment label are joining forces to release the film on a Special Edition DVD.

Now if you ordered the DVD based off of the information we posted earlier don't worry you will be getting the Special Edition. This new DVD will contain writer/director commentary, a short behind the scenes featurette, the SKELTER video blogs, and possibly a couple other extras.  If you want more information on how to obtain this fantastic indie film check out his latest blog.

GIMME SKELTER follows a group of characters in a small, sleepy New Mexico town, particularly Todd Aherne and his girlfriend Jonda. Through a terrible mistake, Todd puts his relationship with Jonda in jeopardy -- and when the town is besieged by a group of would-be serial killers led by a man who may very well be the son of Charles Manson, Todd must suffer trials he never imagined in order to save Jonda -- and himself.

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