Prom Night & Eye Remakes get Rated

PG-13 for both Prom Night and The Eye, no surprise for anyone.  Shocktillyoudrop got the official MPAA ruling of the ratings.  Since they are remakes, one of an Asian horror and one of an American slasher, PG-13 shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.  If for nothing else its a business decision by studio-heads as its no secret that PG-13 films do much better than R rated films.  Both the originals were rated R, in the case of Prom Night it was banned in Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. 

In Prom Night a group of friends attending their senior prom find themselves under assault from a mysterious killer who has some link to their past, a past they thought they left long, long ago.  The remake is helmed by veteran TV director Nelson McCormick (has also been attached to the Stepfather remake, dunno how the WGA strike has affect that) and penned by J.S Cardone (The Covenant, The Forsaken).  The original film was directed by Paul Lynch, who later directed Humongous. 

In The Eye, a blind violinist undergoes an eye transplant, giving her the eyesight that she never had.  However, as she is learning how to see, she begins to see horrific, ghost like images and begins a journey to discover the original owner of her eyes and how it can be stopped.  The original film was directed by the Pang Brothers, the remake was directed by David Moreau & Xavier Palud, with reshoots by Patrick Lussier.

Prom Night was rated PG-13 for "Violence and Terror, Underage Drinking, Some Sexual Content, Language."  The remake is due out April 11, 2008.   The Eye was rated PG-13 for "Violence/Terror and Disturbing Content", the remake is due out February 1, 2008.
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