Tobe Hooper talks about his Mortuary movie

Upcoming Horror Movies has director Tim Sullivan contributing to their site in a column called "Shock & Roll". In his most recent column he interviewed Tobe Hooper. During the interview Hooper let everyone know what his next project is going to be all about.

"It's about this beat up old mortuary that gets moved into by a guy going through a midlife crisis who goes into a new business, kind of on a lark, a place that is so fucked up and run down that he doesn't know what he's doing. Once he gets there, he hopes he’ll be able to get some business from the mental institution and the old folks home. And he certainly does. But it's very weird and very scary and not quite what you think. It's almost as if Larry Clark was doing a horror film. Kind of like Bully. Except there will be redeeming characters."

Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch put the script together. They have worked with Tobe Hooper once already on "The Toolbox Murders". Hopefully this film will really bring Tobe Hooper back to his horror roots.

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