Shutter remake gets PG-13


Hot off the heels of thegoldensimatar reporting that remakes Prom Night and The Eye both received PG-13 ratings, now comes word of another PG-13 remake. reported that 20th Century Fox announced it's remake of asian film Shutter is the most recent remake to get the PG-13 stamp. 

I love the original Shutter but I am not too shocked as I dont necessarily think the original would have been rated R.  My biggest thing is why does it seem all remakes are getting PG-13 these days?  Is it because the films they have been remaking arent too hardcore or is it because they end up watering down remakes to broaden potential audiences?  We may never know for sure but if the trends of crappy remakes continues it soon may not matter what it's rated as people may stopping coming all together. 

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