Storm Warning DVD date and specs


With a long absence from the horror genre since Urban Legend and Valentine, filmmaker Jaime Blanks' newest dip into the genre Storm Warning is headed straight to DVD. Storm Warning is being released by Dimension Extreme on February 5th, 2008.  The DVD will be released in "unrated" form and is very thin on the special features.  The few features it has includes:

  • Commentary track with director Jamie Blanks, screenwriter Everett DeRoche, actor Robert Taylor, cinematographer Karl Von Moller, production designer Robby Perkins and special FX artist Justin Dix
  •  A 'Making-of' featurette

Overall there isnt much to this released but based on the official trailer I think this film may be worth a look when it comes out.  Blanks' Urban Legend was a pretty decent movie and it would be nice to see what else he can provide us horror hounds with. 

Storm Warning centers around a young Melbourne couple whose boat outing goes awry when their engine fails and they wind up drifting into a mangrove swamp around French Island. They set off on foot looking for a phone and find an isolated farmhouse, where they invite themelves in only to have the three unhappy owners come home from a pub. Something tells me the owners aren't going to take it easy on them either.

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