The Machine Girl Trailer & Synopsis


Sometimes a movie comes along that just looks like it may be one of the most insanely crazy films you may ever see.  This is where Noboru Iguchi's film The Machine Girl steps in.  Dread Central posted the first official trailer and I must say my jaw dropped.  I think of it as kind of Planet Terror meets Versus, except without the zombies.  This looks to me like it is going to be one of those crazy over the top Asian action/horror films that should not be missed. 

Yoshihiro Nishimura, who did effects on Meatball Machine & Suicide Club, is in charge of the films make up/special effects.  Yûji Shimomura, who was the action director on Versus, is the action choreographer for The Machine Girl.

According to Fangoria, Machine Girl is about a teenager named Ami who sets out for revenge on a gang of bullies who tortured her little brother to death. She winds up losing an arm along the way, and replaces it with a high-powered gun, à la Rose McGowan in Grindhouse. But she doesn't stop at one limb; Ami continues to lose body parts and replac[e] them with more weapons as she is hellbent on revenge.

The Machine Girl is slated to be released by Fever Dreams at a TBD 2008 date in Japan

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