John Harrison Recruits Blank Slate


I am so glad that the last few entries I have blogged about are NOT remakes. This go around I can tell you about a new film called Blank Slate which will be directed by John Harrison who worked on the Dune Miniseries and PainKiller Jane. The synopsis from the production company goes like this;

Sentenced to Death Row for a murder she can’t remember committing, amnesiac Anne Huston is given a second chance at freedom by the FBI. Recruited as part of the secret experimental unit of the FBI’s unsolved crimes division, Huston is implanted with the final memories of murder victims. But while she pursues the leads of other peoples’ memories, she is haunted by the distant echoes of her own life ... A life she can’t remember.

I truly love the premise and can not wait to see the trailer once its finished to see if we have a winner on our hands. Its a really unique concept that could be super creepy!

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