Bone Sickness on DVD Feb 5th

Bone Sickness is coming to DVD Feb 5th and we have the pirty dvd coverwork for you all. 

Alex is terminally ill with a degenerative bone disease for which there is no cure. Even if there was, his wife wouldn't be able to afford the treatment anyways. With the help of Alex's friend Thomas, they seek an alternative medical treatment. One that angers the Dead.

Morbid Vision Films began production on their first Living Dead film on April 14th, 2002. This movie is a return to the style of At Dawn They Sleep, containing complex story telling with over the top action sequences, and extreme gore. This is a zombie film in the style of Lucio Fulci's walking dead. Slow, plodding and dusty and mostly rotten, having risen from the grave. Although once they sink their teeth into human flesh and the blood begins to spill, they become vicious. 

Every zombie in this movie is a full head prosthetic special make-up appliance. There are no pasty-faced teenage looking zombies in this movie! No word on any dvd extras or special features. Below are to very different reviews of the film.

Bone Sickness Review by thedeadshallrule  
Bone Sickness Review by Hard2Kill  

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