Bone Dry on DVD February 26th


Sometimes we report on film around here and then not much else resurfaces about them.  From time to time one of these will catch my eye and I will do occasional checks to see what it's status is.  Bone Dry is an Indie Horror film I have been waiting for since seeing it's trailer but not much else has been reported on it.  After a little recent digging I found Bone Dry coming to DVD soon. Bone Dry will be on dvd February 26th, 2008 release date.  Unfortunately no specs or special features are yet known other than it being stamped with an R rating.

Bone Dry seems like of a mix of SAW and The Usual Suspects. A man wakes up in the desert, and is instructed to walk or die.... and there is more then meets the eye.

Head over to Terrorfeed to check out the Bone Dry Trailer or an awesome Bone Dry clip

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