Dexter headed to CBS???


Forum member ChainSaW80 alerted me to an interesting news story about Showtime's original series "Dexter".  Reuters reports that CBS Corp. is eyeing up putting Dexter on it's basic CBS channel.  Fortunately for those hardcore fans out there they are talking about Season 1 & 2 being edited for re-broadcast, not a new season. 

The move comes due to the Hollywood writers strike.  With the strike end seemingly far off in the distance, some premium channel shows are going to be rebroadcast for a wider audience on basic channels. CBS Corp CEO Leslie Moonves stated "'Dexter' is probably the first one to go on, with some edits. It fits with our Crime shows."  Showtime is owned by CBS Corp so there isnt any copyright issues that need to be negotiated.  No official word yet on when they may plan to start airing Dexter on CBS, but it could be soon.

If you dont get Showtime and are too skeptical to check out the DVD's, this may be the perfect opportunity to sink your teeth into the show.  Unfortunately you will not get the whole experience as I assume the editing would eliminate heavy profanity and sex/nudity and probably trim down the average episode lenght to accommodate commercials. 

Now in its second season on Showtime, "Dexter" has broken ratings records for the premium cable network. Its November 18 episode ranked as the most-watched in Showtime history.  Dexter revolves around a Miami Dade police department blood splatter analyst Dexter Morgan.  When he is not working to solve murders, Dexter himself is a sociopathic serial killer who kills other serial killers that he feels truly "deserve" it.

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