Bruce Campbells Screaming Brain on DVD!


Hot off the heels of telling you that Alien Apocalypse was being re-released on DVD I now see that Man with the Screaming Brain is also getting re-released the same day. Dec 18th. Tell me that DVD Cover art doesnt kick ass?

Man with the screaming brain just like Alien Apocalypse is the awesomest-horrible movie I have ever seen. Its cheesy its lame and I damn well LOVE it! If you love Bruce Campbell I do believe you will love this movie. IF you dont? Well then your not a manly man like the chin.

"Man with the Screaming Brain" is a story of greed, betrayal and revenge in the former Eastern European block. William Cole, wealthy industrialist, goes looking for a tax shelter in the wrong part of the world and winds up the guinea pig for a mad scientist, having his brain merged with that of Yegor, a former KGD operative.

The two couldn't be more different, but they share one thing - both were killed by the same woman. William and Yegor form an unlikely partnership to track down their common nemesis.

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