Dusk-12 Game Screenshots


You would think that the government would learn that a super soldier program is just not a good idea,as Dusk-12 proves with its new gruesome screenshots. The story goes like this; The project to create the perfect soldier ran out of control, and turned itself into an incurable virus. The whole city is now under quarantine as the inhabitants transformed into blood-thirsty assassins. A group of Spec Ops. soldiers are now trying to uncover the secrets of those aborted experiments undertaken 4 years ago...

DUSK-12 is a state of the art first person shooter, full of action for single and multiplayer and hyper-realistic graphics full of details where the player will incarnate two heroes. One of the soldiers of the group, with an unknown past and one of the infected men with the virus, who has strength, speed and fortitude beyond human limits. Click the image below for more mutant madness.

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