Stephen Kings IT Remake?


One of our incredibly good looking and intelligent members posted on our boards that SciFi Wire  is remaking Stephen Kings IT. IT is one of the scariest movies I remember seeing as a kid. To this day I shoot all clowns on site. Ok not really but yeah it was some scary shit. Mojo80 posted the following on our boards;

I have read of a interesting tidbit recently and would like for anyone with more knowledge on the subject to please enlighten me. I read that SCIFI has recently green lit a remake to Stephen King's IT. That's right as remake. Normally I would spit fire at such a decision but I feel strangely ok with this if it's true. ONLY under one condition though....And that is you get Tim Curry to reprise the role of Pennywise. He IS Pennywise, end of discussion. Besides I don't think he's doing anything else right now.

So, is this true Fanatics? Will this happen? Please let me know if this rumor has any fact or is it a rumor. Also if it were to happen....your thoughts...of course.

He did not include a source so I have no idea on where it came from or how valid it is but frankly this is one movie I do NOT want to see get remade. I actually like remakes but I do not want Scifi molesting one of my favorite childhood nightmares.

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