Jake Wests Doghouse Art & More


Not long ago we told you about Jake West's newest project Doghouse. Today the Official Website has been updated with a ton of new content including a lot of new artwork. If you go to the "Trailer" section of the site you can check out a making-of video with Jake West, Bob Keen and Emily Booth. Some really cool stuff to check out.

The screenplay, written by Dan Schaffer, follows a group of men struggling with mid life crisis who head off to a small remote town. When they arrive they realize that the towns women have all gone raving mad and are trying to consume the flesh of all the males in town.

Nontheless this one sounds very interesting and with Jake West behind the camera we can rely on some slapstick humor to go along with the buckets of blood. No word on when the film will begin. According to the IMDB, a couple of previous actors from his films will be returning including Emily Booth, Christopher Adamson and Terry Stone. Be sure to keep it here for more.

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