Aliens vs Predator 3?

Aliens + Predator = Aliens vs Predator + Silent Night = one of the most off kilter funny trailers ever made. Quite simply I started laughing the second time I saw the the trailer for Aliens vs Predator: Requiem online and got over the action and took in the fact the final montage is set to Silent Night and not rock music. Since its coming out on Christmas Day, it all ties in. I am curious as to what exactly the trailer music for a possible third AVP film would be.

Well, a third AvP movie might not be too far off. Shocktillyoudrop wrangled the Brothers Strause and were able to learn that a third film might be finally set in space! Thats something every fan has been asking for since talks of an Alien-Predator teamup were talked about. The Brothers say Fox has no other choice than to do that. That alone prompts some questions as to what happens in AvP:R, making me more excited every second to see it. However they didn't elaborate if it would be a direct sequel or a semi-sequel. For those of you who don't know, the Brothers were one of many who went to Fox with an idea for an AvP film before Paul W.S Anderson got the deal.

Studio logic is of course wait around for Box Office numbers before sequels get greenlit. I would love to see a third movie if AvP:R turns out as well as its looking, however as I am a fan of both series and an aspiring filmmaker, been always hoping I could do an AvP flick. The first AvP made about $170million world wide, about $40 of which in its opening weekend.

However, not to play Devil's Advocate here but Aliens vs Predator: Requiem will have to do some serious battling against the might of the family film Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (which also comes out Christmas Day) in order to take control of the Holiday box office. Not to sound like I'm surrendering to the might of a family film, families will be out in force as its the holidays and family films always do better around the big holidays. However, I do believe AvP:R will rake in the dough box office as well as kick butt on DVD.  So, I am holding out hope for seeing a third AvP movie.

Aliens vs Predator: Requiem is due out on Christmas Day, so be sure to show your support as always and show that puny Water Horse whose boss!
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