Day of the Dead Contagium: Final Stages of Completion!

The webmaster for the official website Day of the Dead Contagium just recently posted an update on our site about the upcoming film. This is a quote from the director Ana Clavell and how the movie is progressing.

"We're totally tied up with the final stages of onlining the film - it's very precise work, because our project involves transfers, cut lists, key number lists, sound edl, and multiple labs to deal with.  None of the CGI is finished or incorporated into finished sequences, and that'll be the case for another two-three weeks. We can only go as fast as the machines can render.
There's going to be no art for the movie until late Sep/early Oct.

Please try to remember (and the fans) that we're not a team of twenty like Dawn, we're a team of three, and I cover all the departments."

-Ana Clavell
Director, Day of the Dead Contagium

This was posted here on our boards feel free to contribute your own comments and post your own questions. We are quite pleased to have them contributing to our website and answering questions of the MoviesOnline Members.

Day of the Dead Contagium is set in a mental hospital in Pennsylvania, five patients about to be released uncover a secret buried within the compound and unleash a virus (contagium) designed to force Humanity to evolve into powerful creatures capable of astounding feats…and incredible cruelty. In order for this new Human to survive it needs to feed on human flesh: but a bite from these creatures creates a new state of existence, the Creature’s subordinate, the Living Dead. It’s up to our terrified heroes to choose to accept this fate or to fight it, even if it means their own destruction.

Although special effect heavy, the core of the story is both compelling and tragic. It’s the age-old dilemma of transcending our shortcomings and overcoming our fears in spite of what the sacrifice may entail.

Day of the Dead: Contagium is homage to the Dead trilogy, it hints at a possible origin to the Zombie phenomena in a manner that incorporates all known lore. It also covers some of the lesser known aspects of the original transformation and it imagines the last moments before the End of Humanity.

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