The Attic is Coming to DVD


Mary Lambert still stands in my book as one of the best female directors in horror. Despite not having a great film in a little while she single handedly scared me to death when I was kid watching Pet Semetary. Now she has finished up The Attic and it will be hitting DVD courtesy of Allumination FilmWorks on January 15th, 2008.

According to the press release there are no special features but that isn't too out of the normal for straight to DVD movies any more. The film takes place About a month after Emma Callan (Elisabeth Moss) and her family move into their seemingly picture-perfect Victorian home. Emma starts to have ghastly visions of a girl who appears to be her twin but is pure evil. Since no one else has seen this doppelganger, Emma is faced with two terrifying prospects: Either she's going insane or she's actually being haunted by a malevolent spirit determined to destroy anyone who dares delve into the dark mysteries of The Attic.

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