Is Sweeney Todd a True Story?


Its a question that has been asked many many times on our site and it makes for good story telling to say it is a real story but unfortunately it is not. According to the producers of the film their is no real solid truth to the story of Sweeney Todd as much as we might enjoy the story.

Although there are some who claim that Sweeney Todd really existed and was responsible for 160 murders in 18th century London, it's more widely accepted that he's a fictional creation who first came to prominence in a story called "The String Of Pearls: A Romance," written by Thomas Peckett Prest and published in The People's Periodical in November 1846.

According to legend, Todd would cut his customers' throats while they sat in his barber's chair, then send their bloody corpses down a chute into the cellar below, where they were chopped up and used as the filling for meat pies by his accomplice in crime, the widowed baker Mrs. Nellie Lovett -- pies that were then sold to an unsuspecting public.

Although the legend is great story telling like all legends it is steeped in fiction so no the story of Sweeney Todd according to the producers is far from fact and clearly fiction. That said, although their is no hard evidence Sweeney Todd ever existed is there evidence he did not? Cue the conspiracy stories..... NOW! :) Discuss, debate, find evidence one way or the other I for one am all ears.

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