Oxford Press brings Sweeney Todd


Oxford Press emailed us today to let us know about their new Sweeney Todd book. First published under the title The String of Pearls, the story of Sweeney Todd has been endlessly retold in almost every form imaginable. It was from a stage play derived from this original work that Stephen Sondheim was inspired to create the musical version of the Sweeney Todd legend, and from that musical Tim Burton was inspired to bring Sweeney Todd to the big screen.

Timed to coincide with the release of this stunning film, Oxford’s complete edition of the SWEENEY TODD story allows modern readers to savor the spine-tingling original in all its gruesome glory. Also included is a fascinating introduction touching on the origins of the tale, the growth of the legend, a history of its many retellings, explanatory notes, and a full chronology of the many versions of Sweeney Todd. Look for JMH's review of the book in the near future.

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