30 Days of Night DVD Art

David Slade's adaptation of the graphic novel 30 Days of Night can easily go down as one of the coolest and best genre flicks of this year.  Sadly it comes out a little too late for the holidays...as well as my birthday, but with a late February release date, it can make the perfect post-Valentine's Day gift or pre-St. Patty's Day gift.

DVDActive got a peek at the artwork from Sony for the DVD.  Its pretty much the international poster design, sorta snazzy but I would have preferred the original poster art to make it for the DVD.  Check it out.

The specs for the disc are:

  • Audio Commentary (No Word On Who Exactly)
  • Eight Behind The Scenes Featurettes
  • And Much More!

Probably gonna top it all off with trailers and stuff.  But eight featurettes!  Damn its loaded, just hope they ain't all fluff.  30 Days of Night hits DVD on February 26, 2008 the regular edition will suck $28.95 from your wallet and the Blu-Ray will suck $38.96.
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