I Am Legend Owns the Box Office


I Am Legend was a smashing success at the box office pulling in an estimated $76.5 million according to Box Office Mojo. They did this in 3,606 theaters with an average of $21,224 per. theater. An amazing figure and if the estimations stay true it will be the number one opening for a genre film ever. It also makes it the best opening in December ever. You can check out some of the reviews below..

I Am Legend Review by thegoldensimatar
Okay, first off let me say something before I get into my review so you won’t have to read the whole thing just to know if I Am Legend is good or not.  Basically, the first two thirds of the movie is decent, the last third completely and utterly destroys the film.  The reason?  None other than the ... ( read review )
I Am Legend Review by Goon
As I have been covering I Am Legend I began to wonder what the novel was really like and even contemplating picking it up. But I thought it would probably be best if I went into this one with a blank slate. I think sometimes when we read something or see the original film before the remake it builds up expectation... ( read review )

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