The Cell 2 Straight To DVD

Studios seem to be in the grip of the latest craze of the last few years, produce cheap low million dollar sequels to movies from a few years ago and send them right to DVD.  Dracula 2000 got a pair (both of which I liked and were pretty decent considering they were straight-to-DVD), Boogey-Man got one and there is another in the works, Pulse has two in the works and even Lost Boys is getting one.  Grant it, most of the direct-to-DVD "sequels" are simply remakes of the first film or movies with nothing to do with the original and the title of the movie and a number is slapped onto the DVD art.

VideoBusiness (a lot of stuff about guess what, DVDs and stuff) reports that Cell 2, sequel to the 2000 movie staring Jennifer Lopez started shooting last month.  No word on the plot as of yet, but New Line is saying it does "extend the franchise."  A quick look at IMDB revealed nothing about Cell 2, but VB does know that stars Frank (Vacancy) Whaley and Tessie Santiago.  The Cell 2 is due out on DVD in late 2008.
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