Spread the Word of Gimme Skelter


 Movie DetailsA couple of members on the message boards have already made the decision to pick up a copy of Scott Phillips Gimme Skelter (my review). Well today Phillips and I are asking you to go one step further. We need you, the fans, to stand up and spread the word that Gimme Skelter is now being sold independently. So not only was this film completely made indie it is being sold indie with no distribution.

"This is a pretty big and somewhat nerve-wracking experiment for us, and we really need the support of horror fans (and fans of indie filmmaking) to make it work," Scott tells us. "Everything's changing in the marketplace these days and Kurly and I believe that self-distribution is the wave of the future for low-budget filmmakers."

If you order the DVD now you can get in on a special pre-order price of only $15 (plus $4.25 shipping/handling within the US, $6.00 for international orders). And, in honor of the (rapidly-dwindling) population of Banion's Cross, NM (the fictional town from the movie), the first 67 orders will receive the signed and numbered limited edition, autographed by star Gunnar Hansen and several other members of the cast and crew. The orders are scheduled to be shipped in mid-January and are expected to sell fast.

So if you are interested in picking up a copy hit up the Gimme Skelter Official Website or MySpace page. Be sure to tell your friends about it and help a filmmaker out. Scott really works hard on his films and always puts out a quality product that the fans will love.

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