World War Z Script Review


IESB has posted a script review for World War Z. Kudos to forum member SkinCarver who dropped me a line to let me know. Just FYI if you have news never be afraid to drop us a line.

As a quick recap, J. Michael Straczynski announced at the New York City Comic Con that he will be adapting the Max Brooks novel World War Z for Paramount. The project will be produced by Brad Pitts production studo Plan B. He may also be the star in the flick following the trend of major A-list actors crossing over to horror.

J. Michael Straczynski is probably the perfect choice for the job and has declared he will stay faithfull to the story of the novel by Max Brooks.

World War Z is Told from the perspective of numerous survivors from all over the world, from Denver to South Africa, Sydney to Yonkers, Malibu to India, WORLD WAR Z captures the sacrifices and, toward the end, the ingenuity of our race to defend and save our cities, towns, and villages from a plague that seemed virtually impossible to stop. Go read the script review! Be warned it probably contains major plot spoilers!

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