Sweeney Dropped From Major Theatre Chain


This is a doozey. Horror movies have a hard time making money as it is but when a major theatre chain tells you to take your movie and stick it where the sun doesnt shine it really doesnt help. According to Variety one of the largest Theatre Chains in the United States Marcus Theaters will not be showing the movie at all. Quote;

“Unfortunately, as a result of the negotiations with Paramount reaching an impasse, Marcus Theaters will not be showing ‘Sweeney Todd’ in any of its locations,” Marcus prexy Bruce J. Olson said in a statement. This decision was reluctantly reached because the price requested by Paramount to show the film in Marcus Theaters was too expensive in the opinion of our film buyers,” Olson said.

Heres an interesting fact I did not know that I learned while reading TheMovieBlog. Did you know that 80% of the films first weeks take goes to the studio? In some cases John says the studio takes 100% of the first weeks box office take. Ever wondered why your coke and popcorn cost $20 for 50cents worth of product? Seems we now have our answer. I dont know myself for SOLID fact that studios take the major chunk of the opening box office numbers but it would explain why pop and candy is stupidly priced! I think all and all we lose big time as horror fans when a major chain stands up to the studio and says 'No' to a major horror film like Sweeney Todd. What do you think? Sound off and if you have some facts on the industry share them.

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