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The latest battle in the eternal war between Good and Evil has come to New Jersey in the late, late 20th Century. In Kevin's comic fantasia Dogma, angels, demons, apostles and prophets (of a sort) walk among the cynics and innocents of America and duke it out for the fate of humankind.

In what can only be deemed a comedy parable, two renegade fallen angels attempt to jerry-rig the entire cosmological system -- unless a rag-tag group of humans can stop faith. Bethany, the heroine of Dogma, is a woman who feels her prayers haven't been answered when, out of nowhere, a heralding angel appears in her bedroom and declares her the potential savior of humanity. This abrupt meeting sets her off on an extraordinary journey of mystery, comedy and suspense as she is transported to a fantastical world of celestial characters and spirited adventure. Along the way she will meet up with a heaven-sent messenger, an apostle with a 2,000 year old beef, a hotheaded demon, a heavenly Muse and two unlikely Prophets known as Jay and Silent Bob as they each discover the power of their own individual faith.

Kevin Smith proves once again that he can both extensively impress and infuriate his audience unlike any other filmmaker since Oliver Stone. With this unique spiritual odyssey into the comedic inner workings and inconsistencies of modern faith, Smith creates his most farcically eloquent scripted film yet. Filled with many religious and mythical characters assembled from Christianity, ancient legends, and artistic license, Dogma is a joyous examination of the sensation, joys, and humanity of religions and shouldn't be construed as an assault on faith in general.

Dogma (Special Edition)


The plot tells the story of two banished angels who find a loophole back into heaven thanks to Catholic theology. Yet, if they succeed they screw up existence in the process. Overflowing with fantastically witty performances from Alan Rickman (The Voice of God), George Carlin (Cardinal Ignatius Glick), Chris Rock (Rufus the 13th Apostle), Ben Affleck (Bartleby), Matt Damon (Loki), Jason Lee (Azrael), Linda Fiorentino (Bethany Sloane), Salma Hayek (Serendipity), Alanis Morissette (See it for yourself), and Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob), Dogma is almost too irrelevant and silly for it's own plausibility.

Yet, its sheer charm and comedic genius make it a jovial masterpiece of cinema merriment that will entertain and cause controversy for years to come. As for the film's many religious dissidents, frankly I find the film so filled numerous ideologies, beliefs, and opinions that it is most probably over the heads of most of it's detractors. Now for the DVD package, Dogma has a fine anamophic wide screen presentation and just a theatrical trailer. Wait for the option loaded Dogma DVD that is supposed to come in near the end of the year before you purchase this marvelous film.

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