BlockBuster, Circuit City Halloween Special Edition DVDS


Gotta love the marketing machine for a dvd when we dont have the first clue what is so special about the special edition dvds that are being sold at the large retail chains. I found out Blockbuster has a special edition Halloween Extended cut because a reader submitted a review of it ( read it here ) Unfortunately no word on what is so extended and special about it. Do you know? Leave some comments.

Rumor has it that Circuit City is selling a copy of Halloween which has a bonus disc with 45minutes of extras on it. Unfortunately fans all over the internet are crying foul saying the disc is 20minutes not 45minutes. If you have the inside scoop on the circuit city disc leave some thoughts. I havent bought a copy of Halloween on DVD but quite honestly I am just going to buy whatever version is on the shelf, bonus discs be damned.

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