Alien vs Predator movies are on their way

Moviehole has been in Hollywood for awhile and they have been hearing alot about more Alien and Predator movies. Apparently AVP was just a way to introduce the two franchises so they could spawn more movies. Why didn't we see this coming? It seems quite obvious that they would rather release two films than one AVP sequel.

Right now there is a script floating around for a "Predator 3" movie. This time it will be set in a snowy New York setting. They will also re-introduce Arnold Schwarzenegger's character, Dutch. You would assume that that means they will have to wait for Arnold to come back. Well, they are thinking of hiring another actor to play him. They want him to be a sort of Riddick/Snake Plissken type. The script is really turning heads in Hollywood and it also leaves it open for a "Predator 4" which is being rumored to feature a female rogue.

Now Alien is a really strong possibilty as well. This time Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver will both be back for a new movie. According to Moviehole they think the film will be rushed.

Source: Moviehole 

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