First look at The Cottage


UK Horror Comedies seem to be a hot trend lately and the upcoming film The Cottage is next.  TwitchFilm has the first few stills up from this upcoming horror/comedy.  While these stills are nothing overly impressive, I think the potential is there with an intriguing storyline and good lead actors. 

The Cottage stars Andy Serkis(best known as Gollum from LOTR) and Reece Shearsmith(League of Gentlemen) as kidnappers who's attempt to make a big ransom goes horribly wrong.  The duo takes a gang leader's daughter captive in the countryside but she quickly turns the tables by kidnapping one of her captors.  Unfortunately for them all, they soon come across a psychotic killer farmer and all hell breaks loose.

Look for The Cottage in UK cinemas March 14th, 2008.   It is unknown if it will see the light of day in the US or if it will be direct to DVD.  Stay tuned. Small images are below hit TWITCH for bigger pirtier ones!


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