Worst Horror Movies of 2007


So I am going to be doing this a bit different this year. Normally you get to read my take on what I think are the worst horror movies of 2007. Then again who gives a shit? Its not what I think its what we as horror fans think as a whole. So I wont stoke my ego by giving you my 10. By that I mean I was to lazy and didnt do my homework. This time around lets do the Worst Horror Films of 2007 together. I am going to start things off with my choice. SkinWalkers.

This movie redefined the word bad. The acting was weak, the story lacked logic and lastly where the hell were the werewolves? This movie was so bad I actually fell asleep during the movie despite drinking a coffee mixed with red bull while watching it. Yes kids it was THAT bad. Despite having Stan Winston doing FX they still managed to make a movie that looked like Stan wasnt on set. Add yours now by leaving a comment with your worst movie of 2007 and most importantly WHY. Its easy to pick a movie but its much tougher to intelligently explain why.

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