Best Horror Movies of 2007


In keeping with my other blog about The Worst Horror Movies of 2007 I want to do the best horror movies of 2007. Once again I am going to give you my top pick and then let you add yours in the comments. So this will be a group top list. I ran into a problem though. I am not able to pick just one so instead I am going to pick two. The two films that blew me away this year is The Girl Next Door and the brand new Zodiac 2 Disc Collectors Edition.

The Zodiac movie is one of my favorite true crime movies. It is the creepiest and most amazing true life horror thriller I have ever seen. The filmmakers actually went coast to coast talking to the people involved in the investigation and the survivors. I for one do not double dip... with the acception of Army of Darkness and I can not emphasize enough how awesome the new Zodiac Two Disc Directors Cut is. I also will add I didnt even watch the movie again.

I watched the extras and it is HOURS of extras. If you ever wanted to talk to every witness, with visuals of the locations, maps, and all kinds of interesting and factual data relating to the story you now can. They have every police officer, including the one who stopped the Zodiac and let him get away and the two survivors who tell their stories and in one case walkes you through the actual crime scene where his girl friend was murdered.

It is absolutely intense. I sat glued from start to finish and couldnt pull away. It goes through the entire case, who the prime suspect was and yes kids you will get an answer to who they think the zodiac is and if it has been proven one way or the other. I do not want to ruin it but the documentary talks about things that are earth shattering and not covered in the film itself. I will also say that I believe the REAL Zodiac Killer could very likely have been one of those speaking in the documentary. Seriously! Watch it. I honestly feel the documentary material alone could make for its own fantastic film. Did I mention I only touched on one small portion of what this 2 disc edition includes? Must buy people!

The Girl Next Door much like The Zodiac is based on a true story but unlike the Zodiac it is not entirely fact based. I know this because I read the entire case files on CrimeLibrary and although it is overall very true to the story it does have some variances. That said this movie is VERY powerfull and tells the story of a young teen girl who is murdered and brutally tortured in her Aunts basement. Not by a sadistic killer, not by a random home invader, but by a group of pre-teen boys and their Aunt.

This is a true story but it is also one of those movies that if you didnt read about the real crimes you would think that the directors or writers had taken some serious liberties to 'flash the story' up a bit to make it more gruesome and disturbing. In fact this movie is tamer in my judgement then the true story where the girl was tortured and made to do some seriously heinous things! Girl Next Door is without a doubt a must buy and well deserving to be on a top list for 2007

So now that you have my two top choices for 2007. What are your choices for the top horror films of 2007? Take a minute and leave a comment with your choice of Top film for 2007 and key to this please include why you think so. You can list as many as you like! Look forward to seeing what you think should be on the Top horror Movies of 2007 list!

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