Happy New Year! Heres to 2008!


It has been a quick year for me! It seems like just yesterday it was 2007, oh shit wait.. it was. Seriously though 2007 was a great year with more and more of you choosing to make us your home and share your horror reviews, news and discussions on the site. I want to thank you all for supporting the site in 2007 and look forward to an even better 2008 as we continue to grow but remain a strong site, a friendly site and committed to having fun and talking about the latest and greatest in horror. We are a blog and a community not a commercial news site, and we dont want to be anything other then that. Although alot of time and effort goes into the site, the fact you all choose to read it every day, and add your comments and share your own horror goodies is what makes it worth doing! So thank you guys!

This year we gave away more DVD's then we can possibly count, coffin loads full of them. We gave away DVD players, signed posters by directors, a bucket load of Masters of Horror DVD's all signed ( and more still up for grabs I might add ) and all kinds of collectible items. Masks from movies, props, doo-dads and cool collectibles you cant buy. We ended 2007 with a suit of armor from Dungeon Siege and even more dvd contests which I encourage you all to enter. Here is to running even more cool contests in 2008!

I hope you all are not to badly hung over and had a safe and fun time celebrating with friends and family. I also would like to invite you to leave some comments on what you would love to see added to the site in 2008. What do you think would be a cool addition for 2008? I cant promise they will get added but I can promise I will read every one of them and do like I always do and try and incorporate all of your distinct views into the way this site is put together. I am really proud of the sites growth in 2007 and it is you guys and gals that made that happen. So thank you!

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