The Frontieres New Poster


I have been waiting for this film to get some form of a major release for some time. I am pretty sure that LionsGate will be releasing it but the question is when. AfterDark was supposed to have it as part of the AfterDark HorrorFest but as far as I can tell it never happened. Checkout the poster below and tell me.. does it look Familiar? Does it look like an I am Legend poster we saw recently?  

The premise is simple for the film, What do you get when you mix action, bank robbers, lots of gun toting action and lots of carnage? You get Frontieres. We have the trailer and you definitely want to fasten your seat belt. Its like HOSTEL meets Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Be sure to read Tim's review of the film Frontiere(s) review and then wash it all down with the Frontiere(s) Trailer

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