Most Watched Horror Trailers of 2007


I am going to be recapping 2007 in 2008 a little bit as I finalize some top lists. This go around we have the most watched horror trailers and video clips of 2007. No surprise to me Saw 4 topped the list, as did Rob Zombies Halloween and Alien vs Predator. I am kind of surprised Wrong Turn came in at Number 2 but I know alot of folks really dug that flick. Anyrate here are the top horror videos of 2007. Click the title to watch the vid!

  1. SAW 4 Teaser Trailer
    Watched, 102,820x
  2. Wrong Turn 2 Trailer
    Watched, 72,501x
  3. Halloween (2007) Trailer
    Watched, 39,479x
  4. SAW 4 Autopsy Clip
    Watched, 34,039x
  5. When Evil Calls Trailer
    Watched, 19,848x
  6. Boy Eats Girl Trailer
    Watched, 18,663x
  7. Broken (2006) Trailer
    Watched, 18,102x
  8. Skinwalkers: Bar Wolf!
    Watched, 16,425x
  9. Awake (2006) Trailer
    Watched, 15,814x
  10. D War Trailer 3
    Watched, 14,511x
  11. D War Trailer 2
    Watched, 14,012x
  12. Hostel Part 2 Trailer
    Watched, 13,344x
  13. Fall Down Dead Trailer
    Watched, 13,122x
  14. I am Legend Trailer 2
    Watched, 12,973x
  15. Them (ils) Trailer
    Watched, 12,772x
  16. SAW 4 TV Spot
    Watched, 12,569x
  17. D War Trailer
    Watched, 12,468x
  18. Catacombs Trailer
    Watched, 11,911x
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