I Know Who Killed......Horror's Credibility

In a story that is purely celebrity drama, the horror genre takes a hit too.  Celebrity trainwreck Lindsay Lohan was just voted as "Worst Performance by an Actress" for her role in the horror flick I Know Who Killed Me.  Keeping this horror related I wont go on a Lohan rant, but the her performance in I Know Who Killed me garnered 58% of the vote.  According to the article at NBC, the poll garnered 3.8 million votes.  So with 58% of the vote, I beg the question......Where were the 1.9+ million people who voted for her when this was in theaters?  This movie bombed with a 3.5 million opening weekend and $7.3 million total domestically according to BoxOfficeMojo

So as a horror fan that makes me wonder, if no one saw this movie how can this many people call it the worst?  I think this is a terrible thing, especially for a constantly criticized genre like horror films.  Horror films already dont get enough respect, now a role in one is called the "worst" despite people not even seeing the film.  I think this isnt helping take the stamp off horror films as a genre cant be taken seriously and thats why great roles like Marcia Gay Harden's in The Mist go unrecognized. 

As horror fans, I would like to know who saw I Know Who Killed Me and what they actually thought.  I know we have a few members who have seen it and enjoyed it.  Did anyone who saw it truly think Lohan had the "worst" performance of the year?  Also what are your thoughts on if a perception of a role like this gives a further black eye to the horror genre?  What do you think: is this more of a lone issue or does it piss anyone else off for the constant bad rap roles get?
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