No More Baby Steps for Death Walks the Streets


This news has been floating around for awhile and quite frankly I was not entirely clear on what was going on with the production of the film. Apparently Baby Galigo Studios and Death Walks the Streets are parting ways. Or to be more specific, Matthew S. Harrison has decided he no longer wants to be involved with the film. Here is some of his comments on the film from his own blog.

"Jimmy and I don't see eye to eye-haven't for a long time. So I decided and he decided that making DWTS together wouldn't be good for the franchise.  I don't believe in it-don't like horror, or mega violence-and couldn't keep my brain around making movies that went against my moral standards.

"So, there you have it-As he was never an employee or principal in my film company, and so it was an easy split." He goes on to say, "Don't look for any of (our films) to be horror or supernatural crap-cause we are not going that route. My vision has always been to make movies with social meaning and some redeeming value."

Which begs the question why did he ever get involved with Lonely Joe? Or why did he take part in Witches Night? Both of which he made in 2007. Maybe it is a sudden change of heart or just a cop out? We may never know.

But thanks to a quick call I made to James Zahn director and writer of Death Walks the Streets he assured me that the film will be moving forward. Nothing is going to stop this guy from making the movie that he has been dreaming of for the past couple years. The comics will be going out for pencils soon, Zahn will be Producing Mirrors of Longreach Mansion. Things are definitely on all cylinders.

Today he launched his new company website Zahn Entertainment Group which has information on everything he is working on now. Soon he will also be launching another podcast for the film in which he will be answering fan questions which you can ask here. Most importantly though James wanted to make it clear that the film will be moving forward seamlessly. So keep it here folks because we will be following this project all the way to the end.

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