I Am Legend Part Deux

During a quick internet check during myself and my couch becoming a single entity (due to getting a buttload of DVDs with my Christmas and birthday money) I made a most shocking of discovers. Well, when you think on it its not really all too shocking.

has learned that the SEQUEL rights for I Am Legend have been secured. Now this doesn't mean that there will be a sequel but considering the film has made $335million worldwide (budget of roughly $150million), oh yeah...good or bad story once the WGA strike is over I bet we will see a sequel. What would it be called? Maybe I Am Legend: Another Legend or even I Am Legend: The Quest For A Quality Movie & CGI.

However, without Will Smith (as in my opinion if it were any other actor in the role the film wouldn't have 1) been as big budgeted & 2) wouldn't have done as well - I dunno if we would see one, short of bringing him back from the dead or getting some other popular actor in the lead. Stay tuned folks and we'll update you as soon as word comes in.

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