Rogue New Photos... No Release Date


From our friends at come new photos for the Croc flick ROGUE which has been put into an un-ending limbo for a very very long time. The film was picked up by The Weinsteins and has had its release date moved, rumored and eventually dumped into the "TBA" category for a long long time.

Alot of people have talked about how the movie looks like crap, and how its getting bumped around because its a horrible movie but lets not forget that another film had the same problem.... namely FEAST and that is one of the best horror movies ever made. If you dont agree then you sir ( or mam ) are dillusional. ( just kidding... i loves you all ). Anyrate checkout the pics below.

Correction: Photos orginally came from Bloody-Disgusting. Click the image below for all the pretty images over at BD. Tks to Brad for the correction!

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