Amateur Porn Star Killer 2 Sets DVD Release Date

Koch Entertainment and Cinema Epoch have set a DVD release date for “Amateur Porn Star Killer 2”! The sequel to the award-winning, critically-acclaimed “cheapest film ever made” will be in stores May 13, 2008. Expect a limited theatrical run around March.

Filmmaker Shane Ryan seems to have broken not just another record, but his own, with APSK2. The first film, with a budget of just $45, managed to secure major distribution through Koch, a record breaker considering not only the budget, but the fact that stars Ryan and Michiko Jimenez also made up of the entire crew. The new film, while adding a couple more people to the crew, still stays true to the original shoot by focusing the majority of the film on just two actors, but this time the budget actually dropped to a mere $20. Yes, $20, that’s correct, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes. And that’s not the fun part. The fact that a $20 movie is getting major distribution isn’t the only humor in this either. Nope. What’s real amusing and completely unheard of, is that this $20 movie has secured a deal based on the trailer alone, the film wasn’t even close to being finished when the release date was set. Granted, the first is becoming a hit through lots of word of mouth, so Ryan knew he finally had the road paved for him if willing to do a sequel, something he originally never wanted to do. “I spent nearly 3 years trying to get the first APSK movie out there,” says Ryan, “and didn’t want to spend another 3 years trying to get my next film out. I figured if I made a sequel, that’d be a guaranteed deal, and then in between I could make other films. Plus, I just thought there was so much more I could do with the APSK character.”

Well, Ryan’s theory worked as he has about 4 APSK films total planned, as long as the second proves to be the hit the first one is becoming. He also plans to start shooting his next feature, “I Fell In Love With The Devil’s Daughter” this winter. But Ryan hasn’t given up on his dream project “Romance Road Killers”, which he’s been trying to find financing for, for nearly 3 years. “If I don’t find anything within the next year, I’ll just do it myself,” says Ryan. The film is loosely based on the 1958 Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate murders in Nebraska, with “RRK” set in 1999 in California, involving drugs, foster care and child abuse issues.

And for the fans and actresses out there wanting to be a part of the APSK series, you’re in luck! APSK2 is seeking actresses for additional scenes, as well as opportunities for people to get their name in the credits.
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