HorrorFest 2007 DVD Release Dates


After Dark films second year doing their "8 Films to Die For" with AfterDark HorrorFest didnt end up being as successful as the first, but interest still seems to be high for the DVD releases of this years 8 Films.  According to ShockTilYouDrop, ALL 8 of this years films are going to be released on DVD March 18th, 2008.  With last years films having a strong showing on DVD, I'd expect these releases to do fairly well in stores.  Having seen 7 out of 8 films I have a a few that I plan on buying but dont know if I will get all 8. 

This years 8 films were: Borderland, Mulberry Street, Tooth & Nail, The Death of Ian Stone, Lake Dead, Nightmare Man, Unearthed, and Crazy Eights.  Click on these titles for plot details, reviews, trailers, and other news.

No word yet on if there will be a boxed set with all the films or individual releases only, but I question the decision to release all 8 DVD's on the same day. 

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