Two More Films For Insomnifest


We first told you about Insomnifest when they released the poster for Gutterballs. Since than I have gotten in touch with the fine folks putting it together and today I was notified about two new titles that will be added to this online Film Festival.

The next title they are adding is Methodic. In the film, a young boy gets possessed by an ominous presence and ends up killing his parents at his own birthday party. He's sent off to a mental institution where he will spend the rest of his days... or so they thought. As the presence grows stronger and stronger, the boy, who's now fully grown, is soon completely overtaken by the demonic presence and goes on a killing rampage. Now all you can do is pray. Pray that you're not next.

Next up will be the Swedish film House at the End of the Road. It has been traveling the indie film circuit in Sweden and now for the first time you will be able to check it out courtesy of the Insomnifest. Four students majoring in art leave the civilization for a couple of days to be able to dedicate some time to their current art projects. They've rented a remote house where the nearest neighbour is miles away and nothing but woods surround them, but just as they start getting settled in, strange things start to occur. Something's been waiting for them and now there's only one rule; trust no one... ESPECIALLY not yourself!

Insomnifest begins on February 14th and runs until the 26th. You can check out more about these films and some of the previously announced films at the Official Website. Be sure to keep it here for word on the next titles to be announced.

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