Frontiere(s) Released With NC-17 Rating


After Dark spoke with Fangoria and gave them the news that film will be going out to theaters with an NC-17 rating. Not only that but they gave them the date as well, May 2nd. No word on how many theaters will actually carry the film but that will determine how many theaters the film will play in.

Is this really a good move by After Dark? Now according to most of the buzz around this film it is one hell of a flick. It was supposed to be a part of the Horrorfest as you can see from the poster. But with a name that is already tarnished from the whole Captivity debacle is it smart to bury themselves even deeper? Only time will tell. 

What do you get when you mix action, bank robbers, lots of gun toting action and lots of carnage? You get Frontieres. We have the trailer and you definitely want to fasten your seat belt. Its like HOSTEL meets Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Be sure to read Tim's review of the film Frontiere(s) review and then wash it all down with the Frontiere(s) Trailer

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