The Ruins Review


The Ruins Movie DetailsWe all know that the biggest challenge to a movie that is adapted from a novel is how does the author feel about the adaptation of his film. Did it hit the spot? Or did it completely miss the mark? I had a chance to talk to the editor of the film Jeff Betancourt a few days ago and he was VERY excited about this film and he got me even more excited to check out this promising new horror film.

He told me that the movie was screened for the author Scott Smith and he gave the movie 2 thumbs up. If they were able to get Scott's vision onto celenoid and please him then I am sure we as fans will love the project!

An adaptation of Scott B. Smith’s best-selling book. A group of friends whose leisurely Mexican holiday takes a turn for the worse when they, along with a fellow tourist, embark on a remote archeological dig in the jungle, where something evil lives among the ruins.

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