New Dungeon Siege Movie Clips


The studio just sent us three new clips for Jason Statham / Ray Liotta's new flick Dungeon Siege. More action fantasy then horror but still close enough to share the clips with you all. You can check them out below.

"In the Name of the King" is an action/fantasy feature film, based on the popular videogame, "Dungeon Siege". It is a tale of knights and kings, great courage and noble causes, magic and adventure. The film follows the journey of Farmer (Jason Statham) from simple family man to heroic prince. An unspeakably evil army rampages across what was an idyllic, peaceful world, destroying everything in its path, looking to conquer the mighty Castle Ebb and vanquish the King himself! Amidst this backdrop of war in the Kingdom of Ehb, between the evil Gallian (Ray Liotta) and the ruling King Konreid (Burt Reynolds), Farmer sets out to find his kidnapped wife, Solana (Claire Forlani), and avenge the death of his son, who was killed by animal warriors called Krugs.

This is a passionate, epic, fantasy adventure with non-stop action, vividly drawn characters, and a story line that will drawn you in with every passing, magical minute. Just as "Lord of the Rings" transported us to another world and time, "In the Name of the King" will lift your heart, mind and spirit. It will make you believe in magic, nobility, and the power of love, as Farmer's devotion to his family knows no boundaries...

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