Julie Krystina Is In A Bind


Bind Director Dan Walton dropped us a note to let us know that the very lovely Julie Krystina has joined his expanding cast. Krystina has previously appeared on One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights. Sounds odd that with previous work like that she would jump onto a bloody backwoods slasher. But everybody starts somewhere.

She will be joined by Devon Sawa (Final Destination), Tony Todd (CandyMan), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), Dan Ellis (Gutterballs) and Christa M. Darby.

For years the wooded mountains have been the setting for many myths, horror and ghost stories, told one generation to the next on camping trips. Only, what no one ever thought to consider was, what if there was someone in those woods worse than any myth imaginable...

You can check out their Myspace page for bulletins and all that good stuff.

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