Matt Damon, David Fincher take on TORSO


According to MTV David Fincher is once again going to be jumping into true crime mode after his amazing work on the Zodiac movie. David is going to be directing the movie TORSO based on the novel by Brian Michael Bendis which is a true story just as creepy as the Zodiac. According to Fincher he is in talks with Matt Damon to star and production listings do have Matt listed as the lead, and likely to play Eliot Ness.

The story is based in Cleveland and Eliot Ness is sent their to take on a deranged killer that is chopping up people and their body parts are popping up all around the city. The killer was known as 'The Mad Butcher of Cleveland'. You can read the entire true story here.

 The true story takes place in 1935 just after Eliot Ness took out Al Capone. This time he had a gang called 'The Unknowns' not 'The Untouchables' and although they tried they never did catch the killer... or did they? No question this will be a fantastic film for fans of The Zodiac which was one of my picks for best film of the year.

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