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White Noise 2 : The Light Movie Details

White Noise 2 just arrived on DVD and we are doing what we do best and giving away free copies. I really enjoyed this sequel, even though I went into it thinking it was not needed and wouldnt be much good.

White Noise 2 stars Nathan Fillion ( FireFly, Slither ) who is one of my favorite actors. In "White Noise 2" a man's family is murdered and he is brought back from the brink of death. The man realizes he has changed and can now identify those among the living who are about to die. When he tries to save people from their fate, he discovers there is a price to paid for interfering with the natural order of life and death. Checkout 2 trailers

To enter this contest email with the subject WHITE NOISE 2 and include your username off the boards, name age and address. Thats it! As always new members are welcome to enter our contests but we do check to make sure your an active member! Below are two reviews for the film.

prddad's White Noise 2 Review

I love that friend of mine...dropping off discs w/no labels, advising me to watch it, give my feedback. So, for the second time (there's more, I'll get to those at a later date), I put the disc in, an...

Meh's White Noise 2 Review

White Noise 2 is one of those movies that initially made  me shake my head and think WOW yet another straight to dvd lame sequel. Then I saw Nathan Fillion from Firefly and Slither was in it and ...

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