Salma Hayek Joins Cirque du Freak


Variety is reporting that the amazingly sexy Salma Hayek will star alongside John C. Reilly, Josh Hutcherson and Chris Kelly in Universal's Cirque du Freak. This is an adaptation of Darren Shan's kidlit book series being directed by Paul Weitz.

Reilly will play a vampire who drafts a 14-year-old to serve as his assistant. The youth is turned into a half-vampire and becomes the catalyst in a battle between vampires and the rival Vampanese. Hayek will play Madame Truska, the bearded lady.

This will be the first role for Salma Hayek since she took her maternity leave. This should be an odd picture to watch with lovely Hayek since she will be hiding everything behind a huge beard. We'll have to see how that really plays out. Production will begin in February.

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