Silvergun Samurai is Coming

Chicago will become a battleground, as one man takes on the Japanese mob. Nathyn Brendan Masters wants to bring all out martial arts action smack downs to the city of Chicago in his new film "Silvergun Samurai" a low-budget action packed HK styled actioner set for release in 2005.

"I like to think of it as El Mariachi meets The Transporter, says Masters a self described action lover. "I want to break this one down HK style, but with some definite nods to the American styles of people like Arnold and Stallone but with the coolness of Snipes."

The movie is about David Samson, a college student who falls into the task of protecting his senseiıs daughter from a ruthless crime boss who wants to wipe out her familyıs bloodline and steal her inheritance.

"I didnıt want to do the standard vengeance based martial arts film. I wanted this to be more of a knight in shining armor thing, like Arnold Schwarzeneggerıs Eraser film or more recently The Transporter. Iıve been preparing for a film like this forever."

Masters is looking for a DP (professional or college level), seeks a mostly Asian cast and has already started a recruitment site ( for the film and is hoping to get a minimum budget of $20,000, but says he can work for less. "We shot our first film on a grand ­ probably less. But I would like to have more money so I can have better quality control."

Masters, hopes for American and overseas distribution for this film. Mr. Masters will be starring, directing and choreographing Silvergun Samurai. This will be the Columbia College Chicago alumıs second feature as director.

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