Final Films Announced for Insomnifest


We first told you about Insomnifest when they released the poster for Gutterballs. Since than I have gotten in touch with the fine folks putting it together and today I was notified about the final three titles that will be added to this online Film Festival.

The next title they are adding is Shrouded 2. In the film, Maya and her younger sister Andin are orphans since a year back and have just started to move on with their lives. Maya is getting married to her boyfriend soon and Andin is afraid that Maya will forget about her. To patch things up with her sister, Maya decides to buy Andin her own apartment now that she's starting college and has to take care of herself. What she doesn't know is that the building is haunted, and that something evil is coming for Andin.

Next up will be a double feature including Dara and Annoyed. Dara is a beautiful woman. She's charming, she's sweet and she's a great cook. Yes she is indeed everything a man could ever ask for in a woman. Dara enjoys romantic dinners and blind dates more than anything, but she has a dark secret that no one knows about and there's a reason as to why she's still single after all these years...

Annoyed: Terror Translated is a Khmer horror movie about a mute young girl named Da who's being haunted by an evil spirit, it seems as if the only way to stop this spirit from haunting her is to find the person responsible for her death. Together with her boyfriend they search for clues that may lead them to the answer... but the answer is more terrifying than they could have ever imagined.

Insomnifest begins on February 14th and runs until the 26th. You can check out more about these films and some of the previously announced films at the Official Website. Be sure to keep it here for word on the next titles to be announced.

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